Calgary Reads

Calgary Reads is a local organization that is responsible for SO many amazing programs. From reading rallies at schools to book donations to the food bank this forward thinking group of individuals is truly changing the lives of children everyday. I am so proud to share my books with them, promote and do design work for them in any way I can. Please click the link above for loads of resources, kits and ways to help out.

NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Care Group

An amazing individual names Carrie-Lynn Sedore started this group to help out parents who are caring for premature babies in the NICU unit at Christmas. Carrie-Lynn spends all year gathering supplies, running auctions, coordinating volunteers and organizing fundraisers to make this happen. I am a proud supporter of this group and hope to share all the amazing things Carrie-Lynn and the volunteers who work with her by sharing her group with you all. (Links and more info coming soon!)