I am really happy to be from Canada. I am the type who would take a forest adventure and mountain view over a beach any day (Well, most days. An occasional one would be nice though…).

Point is – there is a lot to appreciate in our own back yard. A lot of diversity in every way I can imagine. Even the weather from one end of the city to the other can be vastly different! The people, the interests and talents, the backgrounds and stories. I love to find out about it all.

As an author and illustrator who is often working alone, it hasn’t always been easy to find out about these other creatives.  Luckily, I found Little Blue Canoe. Kelly, (who runs the show around there) hand picks and curates Canadian products from artisans, craftspeople and designers. She’s like…the best. Somehow makes online shopping personal. She features stuff you feel like your best friend spent hours searching for and brought it to your front door for you.


Photo courtesy of Little Blue Canoe

Gratefully, I got to be part of the Little Blue Canoe family with Mindful ABCs being featured on the blog and in the Baby & Kids ‘Play’ section. I am so proud to be amongst these other creators and hope you will check it out too.





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