Connecting with others is basically why I decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place. Whether I am able to connect with a child through my books, advocate for children’s literacy, help out a school or family… I am all for it.

Within this section of the site I will highlight some of the ways I hope to be in touch with you, share some info on where you can find me and how we can work together, as well as highlight some amazing people, organizations and books.


Giving Back…

 “Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” – Tony Robbins

Because… I can’t say anything better than Tony. Really.

I’ve started my journey to figuring out how to contribute the most I can by taking cues from my personal interests and strengths. Some of the value I feel like I can provide is with time and service and other with donations. If you too are looking to give back – here is what I personally contribute too and totally believe are important in our world.

The Calgary Public Library

Recently (fairly anyways) the library has removed the fee for library cards – giving every single person who wants it, access to all of the wonderful books and materials it holds. For this reason as well as the flood of 2013 that destroyed thousands of books, I felt it really important to do my part to help. I also call the library my ‘happy place’ so… how could I not?

Calgary Reads

Calgary Reads is a local organization that is responsible for SO many amazing programs. From reading rallies at schools to book donations to the food bank this forward thinking group of individuals is truly changing the lives of children everyday. I am so proud to share my books with them, promote and do design work for them in any way I can. Please click the link above for loads of resources, kits and ways to help out.

NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Care Group

An amazing individual names Carrie-Lynn Sedore started this group to help out parents who are caring for premature babies in the NICU unit at Christmas. Carrie-Lynn spends all year gathering supplies, running auctions, coordinating volunteers and organizing fundraisers to make this happen. I am a proud supporter of this group and hope to share all the amazing things Carrie-Lynn and the volunteers who work with her by sharing her group with you all. (Links and more info coming soon!)

Spreading the word…

I love to write for other publications. It’s a win-win in my opinion as I get to (hopefully) send some traffic and awareness to organizations, individuals and publications and vice versa. In the past I have been privileged enough to write for local magazines, online businesses as well as be on podcasts. If you are interested in talking about having me (Tamara Hackett) write for you or be interviewed please contact me here. I’d love to chat more.

The next most exciting thing ever will be a contributing blog post to the amazing Dote Magazine Blog coming in November 2015. It’s a dream come true for me as I fell in love with the print magazine the first time I laid eyes on it. Stay tuned and make sure and check out the link above in the mean time!


If you would like to partner on a project – I love me some collaborations. Design, events, community outreach and resources are all game. If you were thinking something else…throw it to me and let’s talk. Email me here with the topic title of ‘collaborations’ and let’s make some magic.

At the very least – let’s connect on Instagram! It’s my fave and am there more than anywhere else. Please come say hello and follow me on Instagram


Children’s Book Brainstorming Sessions:

I am available for 40 minute brainstorming Skype (of phone) sessions where I will help you develop your book idea/concept and design aesthetic. I’ll use my personal experiences with writing, illustrating, self-publishing as well as my over 15 years of working with children front-line, reading and engaging with children’s literature to help bring your book to life!

$50.00 CAN per session

For more information or to schedule a time please contact me here with subject title CBBS.

Book Design/Image  Consultation:

To help you get your children’s book off the ground, you may need some help through all of the design, formatting and imagery and technical aspects of your project.

Prices vary depending on project scope. For more information please contact me here and tell me about your project! Use subject line Book Design and I’ll get right back to you.

In-Person Events:

If you would like to hire me to come to your school, event or business to read and engage with students on the topics of the books published by Sweet Clover Studios – I would love too! Contact me here and tell me about your event. Please include details about time requested, class/audience size and location of visit. Prices dependent on variables listed. Starting at $100 CAN

Online Events:

If you’d prefer a virtual visit, we can make that happen too! Same services apply as above. Starting at $50 CAN



There is one thing that I love just as much as writing and illustrating my own books. It’s hearing about yours. If you are an author or illustrator who would like to be featured – get in touch! I’d love to hear about it.



I really can’t help myself. I love children’s literature. I think it’s important. And there is a whole lot of talent out there and there is room for us all.

I know it can be difficult to sift through the plethora of books out there, so I have decided to select and share with you at Tamara Stay tuned and I will have a list of books that I think you will love.