I talk about connections. Lots. Like…my-business-wouldn’t-exist without it type-thing.

So to clarify what exactly I am talking about, I thought a little post would be helpful to express what I mean when I say ‘Creating connections is what I do’ on my homepage.

To start – I’d like to share that I am a total introvert. So ‘creating connections’ is not all about getting out there. No – it’s more than that. Yes – becoming a business owner has forced me out of my comfort zone. Creating connections with actual people (Shocking – I know!) which I am certain I would not have made it this far without. From my accountability partner who I talk to almost every single day, to local Magazines (Hello, Dote!), and countless local business owners who are incredible inspirations. Those are true connections which┬áI would help at the drop of a hat, gladly.

You probably expected that I would talk about those types of connections, right? But – there is even more. When I talk about connections, I am including connecting to yourself. Your likes, wants, purpose. Connecting with your child. Connecting to a design which evokes a feeling of happiness or joy. Connecting with nature. Connecting with literature. Connecting with the moment.


Sometimes these things happen naturally and I love that. Mostly (I noticed) when I choose to ‘be here’. Be in the moment.

I live for moments when I see my kids find that connection. When my little girl will say something about a character in a book and say ‘That is just like ME!’ – I know she is making a connection.


Whenever I am creating a story, an image, a design I think about these connections. I think about making a reading space feel special by designing a nature inspired pillow (Kids, Nature, Moment…see?). I think about a little one connecting with their feelings with the books I write. I think about how my work in the world will hopefully strengthen the connection I have with my own little one – even when she is trying to be mad at me…like in the photo above.

Basically, I hope that whatever I create can be some sort of bridge or support to connections in whatever way my consumer (including the littles) needs.


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