Have you ever met someone who you knew…somehow you knew already?

That is what happened when I met Fiona. On a fate-made day when I was actually trying not to be in Chapters (but my kids insisted they just wanted to pop in for ‘Ooooone second Mommy!’) I met this beautiful and talented soul.

Fate had stepped in a few weeks earlier when I happened to be walking our new puppy in a park I hardly ever went to. As the introvert I tend to be – I generally don’t chit chat with people I don’t know but ended up talking to an amazing lady walking her dog. Who it turns out (but, of course) has know my most incredible mother-in-law (and my hubby!). I should meet her relative, she tells me. ‘She writes kids books too!’. Oh – how nice, I thought. ‘On…Mindfulness’. Whaaaaa? Guess who that person was? Yup. Fiona.

I scooped up her amazing book (Click to check it out) and we became fast friends. And now she has invited me along on her amazing project – The Healthy Happy Kids Initiative with her other equally beautiful and talented sisters.

The Healthy Happy Kids Initiative was born out of the girls heartfelt mission to “support the familial whole in working together to create and maintain a healthy, happy life.” The approach is to provide workshops, information, resources and support to address the physical body and the mind.

Ciara Gossen of Bendy Buddha Yoga Inc will be teaching children’s Yoga, Julie Williams is the certified Nutritionist tacking all the food and nutrition and Lisa Williams is a Respiratory Therapist at the Children’s Hospital who is teaching the art of deep breathing. Fiona and I team up to teach aspects of the mind – Fiona with her vast and deep knowledge of all things Mind and me… communicating those things to the littles.

I am so happy to be working with these girls, I truly believe in it. Please check out the website to see much more details and workshop dates!

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