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Little Star, I see you is the follow up (to Welcome Little Star) fill-in-the-blank journal created to capture the thoughts, feelings, emotions and little moments with your toddler.

It is a 28 page softcover book that provides 30 prompts for you to quickly and easily capture moments that make up this time of your life. It happens so fast at this stage and in order to connect with the essence of this time, it helps so much to have a tiny little guide.

As you may know, I lost my mother when I was quite young. Now – any time I see something she wrote, hear about something she thought of me or gain understanding of her experience as a mother – I love it. I treasure it. And I hope it provides an opportunity for you to create a connection with your child that you maybe didn’t even expect now or some time in the future.

All of my little books are available Internationally (in softcover) on Amazon. Each image is linked to the Canadian Amazon store but if you are in another country – simply search ‘Tamara Hackett’ and you will find it!