I was first introduced to these amazing…shapes (although it is so much more than a shape…) almost 20 years ago in a small cafe in the mountains from a very good friend’s Mom (who has since become one of my dearest friends as well).

She slowly drew circles silently, as we (my friend and I) watched intently. There was something about it. It seemed like magic and I didn’t even know what the heck she was doing or why I could not take my eyes off it.

The fact is (in my opinion), it is magic. Magic meaning able-to-change-your-thoughts to the present. Which can change your perspective of anything.

There are legit therapeutic and scientific qualities to them (which you can read more about at but for our purposes here РI want to tell you about it as a tool and resource that you can use for yourself and the children in your life as a mindful practice. The creation and coloring of Mandalas is used for the purpose of paying attention on purpose. Creating connection. Connection with your inner world and the outer world. With you and your thoughts, the absence of thoughts for that matter. Connection with the person who you could be sitting with and not even saying a word.

To make that connection even easier for us to tap into – I created ‘Mandala – Colour & Create’ which is an integrated¬†process for you and your little ones. Inside this book, there are 3 sections: Play, Say & Make. Some mandalas were created especially for you to color in. Play around with. Simply enjoy. Then…I give pages that you can add words to in order to contemplate, channel and BE with while you create and color your mandala. Then you and your little one get to CREATE your own. With templates as your guides, you get to create repeating patterns and shapes that use your unique skills to ultimately make your Mandala. Skill levels are minded and humans ages 3 – 111 are able to participate.


This project is still in its baby stages and isn’t’ currently available for sale however…if you want to try it out – email me. I will send you some free printable pages from the book and you can get started.

Then keep posted on my website and for my monthly emails and I’ll let you know when things get going.