Mindful 1,2,3



Mindful 1,2,3 is the sister book of Mindful ABCs. A purpose filled children’s book published by Sweet Clover Studios. It is a natural continuation of learning after the alphabet was covered in my first release.

img_6776Mindful ABCs is a publication that is more focused on vocabulary and exploration of meaning in a very gentle and easily approachable way. This book is an experiential resource that is focused on taking concepts into action. By going step-by-step through the numbers 1 -10 in a fun and engaging way – children are learning to connect with their bodies and emotions all while learning counting, sequencing, and numbers.


As I was preparing to write this book (almost immediately after I finished Mindful ABCs), I knew I wanted it to relate but also stand on its own. The relations are probably obvious, as you can see the watercolor design aesthetic, the attention to details about finding connections and overall peaceful message.


Please note – above is one of the pages included in this book. I chose very purposefully to only feature 6 colours, using purple instead of indigo and violet. My intent was to keep it as simple as possible. Knowing that at young ages it is hard for children to decipher between indigo and violet – I focus more on encouraging children to connect feelings with their surroundings. 

The differences are in the many opportunities to engage physically (Take two breaths, feel your heart beat etc.) and prompts to take your time in creating conversation on each page. This book is 24 pages (compared to the 56 in Mindful ABCs) but you can take as long as you want in exploring the concepts because of how it was written.

mindful123kickstarterpreview8Everything is focused on staying in the moment. Something I continue to practice in my own life and when spending time with my children especially. Kids can tell if you are ‘with’ them or not. I have always found story time to be a perfect time to connect because it is a finite amount of time – a common focus and requires physical proximity (whether you are reading to one child or many).


I hope this book finds its way into the hand of little ones, teachers, and caregivers of all kinds because it is planting seeds of personal awareness and mindfulness without it being pushy, intimidating or boring.

If you are interested in purchasing this book – please visit the shop for the hardcover version or visit Amazon (in your home country) for the softcover! For wholesale opportunities – please email sweetcloverstudios@gmail.com with the subject line ‘wholesale’.