Yes, it may sound strange to ‘challenge’ yourself to something as non-competitive in nature as mindfulness. But here’s the deal: Mindfulness happens when you are aware, in the moment. So my hope (along with Kerry Burki whom I will shortly introduce) is to collectively bring awareness to a moment for you, in your life for 7 days. It’s for all of us to take a moment and focus on something specific for each day.

A few months ago I was lucky enough to contribute an article and free printable to Kerry’s Magazine called Mindful moments. Based on the concepts of the article – Kerry and I have created a 7 Day Mindfulness Challenge on Instagram starting on Sunday, August 28th.


Here are the details outlined by Kerry:

Starting on Sunday you will be prompted to share a photo each day related to our daily themes using the hashtag #mindfulmoments2016 and #kerrymag.

Here is the challenge schedule:

Sunday: Gratitude – share a photo of something you are grateful for today

Monday: Love – share a photo related to love

Tuesday: Giggles – share a photo of you laughing or something or someone who gets you laughing

Wednesday: Knowing – share a photo of how you tap into your inner knowing

Thursday: Nature – share a photo of the beautiful outdoors

Friday: Create – share of photo of something you are making wither for work, fun, or with your kids

Saturday: Release – share a photo and describe something negative you are releasing from your life today

If you participate each day, you will be entered to win:

In order to win and for us to find and follow your photos, please use the hashtags #mindfulmoments2016 and #kerrymag. You also need to be following both @kerry_burkiand @sweet_clover_studios on Instagram to win. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, September 6th 2016.

I really hope you will participate and also check out what Kerry is doing and why I chose to partner with her. She is a yoga teacher, successful business woman (Waste Not Paper and Handmade Success), Intuitive Life Coach and owner of an amazing magazine. See? Amazing right?

So I hope to see you and all the moments you will be finding for a full week! Kerry and I will be sharing moments from our lives too. Can’t wait!

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