I’ve been painting for as long as I can remember. From making rocks into rainbows on our family camping trips to Friday nights with my best friend in high school. It’s become such a comfort, an extension of myself.

I’ve spent time painting on every sort of medium you can imagine. From the Stairwells of the Calgary Tower (It was a fundraiser…not graffiti, I promise) to a 12 Foot Canvas. And of course the occasional pumpkin to share in the halloween fun with my little ones. Whether it be acrylic, watercolour, oil or (gulp) tempra – a few things have really helped me along the way.


Interrupting yourself by constantly getting up to fetch missing items is one of the biggest obstacles to really progressing. I believe that there really is a ‘flow’ that happens when you sit down and commit to some creative time. ‘Flow’ meaning…a mode that feels like time doesn’t exist. It’s where you are so involved in it that you don’t notice yourself getting hungry. To get there faster – I have always found it better to do all my pitter pattering around and set everything up before. I would consider having the following things within reach to set up for a successful painting session.

  • Anything personal care (Drinks – tea and ice water are personal must-haves, kleenex, pillows, slippers, phone, hand cream, lip gloss…). I am sure you get the point. For me – thinking about these things and not having them close by becomes a distraction. Because I have everything I need, then thinking..’oh, what if my hands get dry’ – is not a excuse to get up. I can get going with my project.
  • Paints, paintbrush, paper towel, tape, 2 jugs of water, proper lighting, palette, paper, cloth – all the actual tool-y type things. Because…you will need them!
  • Inspiration. Unfortunately, getting stuck is always a possibility. So, when I say that you should be setting up ‘Inspiration’ it’s things like this: Colour references, Paintings you love, styles you like, magazines, books, photos, pinterest boards. Anything that you can reference that may give you a jumping off point for what you are working on.

As an example – below you will see some watercolour art cards from Fringe Studio. Seeing these cards are actually the inspiration for my Watercolour workshop I’m teaching through Crafted  on March 13th, 2016 (Note: This particular workshop is now sold out but please check back for future times). This class with use techniques featured in the cards but (of course) will not be exactly the same. I am using textured cards, an emerald colour palette (similar to the one posted below this image) and shape building. Even though I was inspired from these cards – I was able to develop the class with my experiences and skills to it. That is why I always suggest having some inspiring things in your set up.


The last thing I want to mention – (especially when working with watercolours) is the need for ‘play’. Painting is a dynamic medium and it changes and moves depending on the consistency, brushes, dry time, mixture of colours and so much more. As an example – the below image is some spheres I was created for examples for my watercolour workshop.  When I was painting them..I actually thought I was going to garbage them. But… knowing what I know about paint, I kept them. And to my surprise – I actually ended up loving them. I kept playing, trying and seeing how they changed once they were beside others like them and the composition that they made up together. That, is the magic of painting.


Because I have experienced so much joy with painting and want the same for you, that is why I am teaching all my secrets to creating the work that I do (Including everything I did to create the illustrations of Mindful ABCs). My hope is that you will have as much fun as I do and be able to create something that is uniquely you. If you would like to hear more – or create images like the one below by LamArtStudio, click the images above or make sure and sign up to my mailing list below.


Painting by LamArtStudio – click image to visit etsy store. (Inspiration for class!)


Note: The workshop mentioned in this particular post is now sold out so please sign up to make sure you are informed of upcoming events in the future!

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