Products & Services

Within this section of the site I will highlight some of the products I have created as an extension to my children’s books, as well as collaborations and services I offer. Thanks for checking it out!

Gratitude Journals:

As apart of creating connection – I developed gratitude journals for children (Which I may secretly use as well…). Adorned with the animals from Mindful ABCs on the cover.

I explain more details in the book about how to use it but -basically it is made easy for kids to engage with. There are 3 spaces on each page. Each with a space for a date, a blank rectangle with the top labeled with 3 words. Person, Place and Thing. This gives children a choice and place to focus. Then they can decide what they want to focus on and actually try to feel gratitude for. Older children can write or draw in it themselves or parents/educators or caregivers can assist the little ones.

Features: 48 Pages, 120 spaces for daily gratitude, black & white interior, perfect bound, 10.8 cm x 17.48 cm. Creative for children aged 3 and up.

Currently available in Jellyfish, Ladybug, Giraffe, Octopus and Frog/

Nature Inspired Children’s Design:¬†

Most of my design projects are housed at Sweet Clover Studios. But as it relates so closely to my mission to build connection – I have featured some here as well. I create pattern collections and designs that I think can support children in creating beautiful spaces to read. Often the designs are inspired by nature and animals – another area of connection in a child’s life. To see more visit my Society 6 shop here.

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