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This is a new page dedicated to creative resources and services that I truly believe will help you connect – whether that be an inner connection, connecting to others in a meaningful way (kids or not), or the world around you. Some products will be created by me, some won’t. As time passes, I’ll be adding more recommendations from creative souls doing amazing work in the world. If you have any thoughts of who/what else should be featured, please email me and let me know.

I am also here on this page to share some of the ways I am using my business (Tamara and Sweet Clover Studios) to spread light, love and mindfulness to the world through contributions.



Educalme is an amazing organization whom has the intention to support educators in creating a mindful environment for learning and growth in classrooms.

Run by educators Kailey and Josianne, they provide bilingual (French/English) resources such as workshops, podcasts, and online materials.

Yes, we do similar things. With my background in education, the lens I create through is often with students and teachers in mind. BUT – I believe there is room for us all. These beautiful people have created some truly useful materials, are available for speaking opportunities and do things the way only they can. So check ’em out!



Mindful Little Minds

Mindful Little Minds is so close to my heart. Sarah, who is the brilliant soul behind it all has dedicated her time, energy and talents to helping people guide the children in their lives to optimal mental and emotional health.

Sarah has a fantastic blog that really provides relevant information, tangible advice and support. She also has a great shop that is full of heart-inspired products. Would love to share her work with you here. 


Giving Back…

 “Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s deepest joy: true fulfillment.” – Tony Robbins

Because… I can’t say anything better than Tony. Really.

I’ve started my journey to figuring out how to contribute the most I can by taking cues from my personal interests and strengths. Some of the value I feel like I can provide is with time and service and other with donations. If you too are looking to give back – here is what I personally contribute too and totally believe are important in our world.

The Calgary Public Library

Recently (fairly anyways) the library has removed the fee for library cards – giving every single person who wants it, access to all of the wonderful books and materials it holds. For this reason as well as the flood of 2013 that destroyed thousands of books, I felt it really important to do my part to help. I also call the library my ‘happy place’ so… how could I not?

Calgary Reads

Calgary Reads is a local organization that is responsible for SO many amazing programs. From reading rallies at schools to book donations to the food bank this forward-thinking group of individuals is truly changing the lives of children every day. I am so proud to share my books with them, promote and do design work for them in any way I can. Please click the link above for loads of resources, kits, and ways to help out.

NICU – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Care Group

An amazing individual names Carrie-Lynn Sedore started this group to help out parents who are caring for premature babies in the NICU unit at Christmas. Carrie-Lynn spends all year gathering supplies, running auctions, coordinating volunteers and organizing fundraisers to make this happen. I am a proud supporter of this group and hope to share all the amazing things Carrie-Lynn and the volunteers who work with her by sharing her group with you all. (Links and more info coming soon!)

Spreading the word…

I love to write for other publications. It’s a win-win in my opinion as I get to (hopefully) send some traffic and awareness to organizations, individuals and publications and vice versa. In the past I have been privileged enough to write for local magazines, online businesses as well as be on podcasts. If you are interested in talking about having me (Tamara Hackett) write for you or be interviewed please contact me here. I’d love to chat more.


If you would like to partner on a project – I love me some collaborations. Design, events, community outreach and resources are all game. If you were thinking something else…throw it to me and let’s talk. Email me here with the topic title of ‘collaborations’ and let’s make some magic.

At the very least – let’s connect on Instagram! It’s my fave and am there more than anywhere else. Please come say hello and follow me on Instagram


Mindfulness/Meditation Guiding Sessions:

When I was first exploring Mindfulness and Meditation, I read everything I could get my hands on, took courses and workshops and teacher trainings to try and develop my own personal practice. I had my head down, thoughts and questions swirling – without anyone to talk to about it. See – I was so unsure of myself, self-conscious about my wonderings and also unwilling to show my soft underbelly of doubt to anyone so it took far longer to grasp than it could of. It also was far more lonely than it should have been. To support others who may just want someone to talk to about what they are reading, learning and experiencing – I offer three options for one to one work.

  1. Expanding Mini-Session:

This mini-session is available to those who have purchased my online course, Expanding. Because this course offers so much of the foundation for understanding the concepts, this time is simply to ask questions about your specific situations or clarification on concepts. You may schedule your time at any stage of course.

For 25 minutes we will chat online (skype or zoom) about anything related to the content of the course or your experience.

Each session costs $40.00

*Note: All one to one sessions require pre-payment and signature of liability form before commencing.

2. Mindfulness & Meditation Deep Dive:

This one to one session is available to anyone who wishes to have a real, deep conversation about anything to do with Mindfulness & Meditation. My specialty is being able to identify strategies and expectations for someone trying to develop their own personal practice – which is what the focus will be on. Any questions, worries, doubts or experiences you wish to share – I am your vault. Filled with the deepest form of support I can provide.

These sessions are not considered therapy. It’s more a friend to friend connection. My intention is to deeply listen, share all the experience and training I have, and offer clarity, resources, experiences, and practices.

Each deep dive session will be an online experience for 60 minutes for $85.00. To schedule a time please email directly at

*Note: All one to one sessions require pre-payment and signature of liability form before commencing.

    3. Mindfulness & Meditation In-Person Deep Dive: 

This session is available to anyone within YYC city limits. See the Mindfulness & Meditation Deep Dive to see description.

Instead of an online connection, we will arrange to meet in person, have a special drink on me and 60 minutes of time together.

Each deep dive session will be an individualized experience for 60 minutes for $125.00. To schedule a time please email directly at

Children’s Book Brainstorming Sessions:

I am available for a 45 minute brainstorming Zoom (or phone) sessions where I will help you develop your book idea/concept and design aesthetic. I’ll use my personal experiences with writing, illustrating, self-publishing as well as my over 15 years of working with children front-line, reading and engaging with children’s literature to help bring your book to life!

$85.00 CAN per session

For more information or to schedule a time please contact me here with subject title CBBS or directly at

Book Design/Image Consultation/Illustration:

To help you get your children’s book off the ground, you may need some help through all of the design, formatting and imagery and technical aspects of your project.

Prices vary depending on project scope. For more information please contact me here and tell me about your project! Use subject line Book Design and I’ll get right back to you.

School Visits

If you would like to have me come to your school to read from my books or speak to the children on Mindfulness, Meditation, Publishing, Writing or Illustrating I am available for a half-day rate of $300 which includes 4 hours of on-site time. I am happy to speak to children ages 3 – 18 with an age-appropriate presentation.

Please email me at with the subject title ‘School Visit’ in the subject title for more information.