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At Tamara Hackett.com you have access to my books, designs, products and services that are all centred around creating purposeful, fun and inspiration filled communication between children and the adults in their lives.

You will find 3 main sections on this site. The studio (Sweet Clover Studios – as I call it), My Books and lastly, ways for us to Connect.

Sweet Clover Studios is where you will find all sorts of messy, fun, inspirational processes and design work. You will see how I do what I do as well as get insights as to why I am doing what I am doing. As a multi-passionate person, this is where there is no holds barred on how I express my creativity. I’ll share what I have learned along to way and hope to help you along your journey at the same time. Be prepared for pattern designs, paintings and all sorts of digital imagery too.

The Books section is where you will see my endless pursuit to contribute to the wonderful lives of children through literature and illustration. I’ll share my finished works, stories about the stories…and of course keep you posted on the things I am working on.

The Connect section is where we can chat about collaborations (got an idea?), my service based offerings and where else you can find me contributing. I hope to spotlight other creative souls and businesses on the same mission too. After all, I totally believe – we are better together.

So hang out. Get cozy. Enjoy, and feel welcome. Then click on some boxes above and let’s get started.

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