I am not unlike most creative souls I know.

Multi-Passionate. Avid learner. Experimenter.

With a plethora of ideas, inspirations and passion for creating things that have never existed before – so exists:

Sweet Clover Studios.


Sweet Clover Studios is the place that I get to explore all sorts of creativity.

Sweet Clover Studios is where I share the process of finding inspiration in life.

Sweet Clover Studios (ever so generously) is the publisher of my books.

and last but not least…

Sweet Clover Studios takes my design work to the world in all sorts of different ways.

In the studio, a cloud design becomes a pillow…

HBCloudGreenPillow HBCloudPinkPillow

and a my nature lovin’ design aesthetic turns into tote bags and iPad cases.


I collect and share resources, colour palettes, share my personal pattern collections and art prints. Click on any of the images above and see what is happening there today!