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Sweet Clover Studios was designed be be able to house all sorts of creative offerings for me and a potential future partners.
Everything you will find here is full of heart and intention to create moment of pause and awareness of the present moment.
Having over 10 years of Mindfulness training under my belt and a strong personal practice, I infuse all my work with this philosophy and hope it serves you well.






What is it?

‘Expanding’ is a five-week online course where you will come away with a solid understanding of both Mindfulness and Meditation. As well, you will have the tools to create your own personal practice/integrate it into your own life – in your own way. Because…it has got to make sense for you. And your life. Or it just won’t stick. And believe me, it is worth being stuck to.

I created this program after years of exploration of Mindfulness and Meditation. Through my journey, I found a lot of information hard to comprehend or just completely impractical for my life with two young kids. I studied and studied, pouring over research and all the science, looking at it from as many angles as possible. What I found is that there was a serious lack of visual communication on the subject (um..hellooo pictures please) and that I didn’t want just one person to tell me what was ‘right’.



I wanted someone to talk to me in plain language, to be real. Not make it so intimidating or make me feel wrong for feeling like I was doing it…wrong.

I got thinking…

If wished someone had introduced me to Mindfulness and Meditation this way…maybe there were others out there too. So…I did it. I broke it down.

  • Content on the subject
  • Video (Summary of the concepts – 5 in total)
  • Worksheets
  • Practices
  • Printable Inspirational Art (5 in total)
  • Resources
  • Bonus section for parents/educators/caregivers

I take the concepts, sprinkle in my personal flounders, add a little bit of humor and a whole lot of pretty. In the hopes that at the end of the 5 weeks you will be able to create a practice of Mindfulness and Meditation that suits your needs.

By purchasing this program, you will be gently guided through 5 Modules. Please click here to read more (and purchase if you like) or scroll down to watch a little preview movie and see what others are saying.


Jessica Kirchner

“Tamara has a gift not only for beautiful, thoughtful writing but also for breaking down the concepts of meditation. The mindfulness and meditation program really helped me to understand the foundations of building a practice for myself. A big part of it was learning what works for me. Being new to meditation, I was eager for all the information and the resources she provided were so helpful. Each week built on the last allowing me to learn and grow. So many questions I had were answered before I even asked them! I really enjoyed the program and learned so much.”

Fiona Williams

Facilitator of, A Course in Miracles; Author of “My Mind Book’, CHt, ECPC; Founder of www.fionamaria.ca

Tamara’s ‘Expanding’ program is right on time for our society, where it answers the Why’s and How’s behind the ancient wisdom of Mindfulness, offering both self-awareness and presence in the eternal now. Personally, I enjoyed the practicality of Tamara’s exercises and guidance, where she makes Mindfulness understandable, achievable, and most importantly, desirable.

Ayra Kelly

BA. B. Ed Teacher

“The brilliant, soft spirit of the author lives in all of the modules as she authentically unveils her own experiences with mindfulness and meditation. Through story, research, and practice Expanding is a thoughtful and beautifully crafted invitation to cultivate for yourself, a rich inner and outer life.”

Gillian K

MSc in Psychology, Certified Yoga Teacher

“The materials are presented in a way that a beginner can start a meditation practice and someone with experience can also benefit and deepen their practice. The course is a great start and presented in an easily digestible manner with research, practices, and a bit of humor! “