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Welcome Little Star: A Memory Keeper of Mindful Moments

Welcome Little Star: A Memory Keeper of Mindful Moments, is a fillable baby book created to encourage the documentation of emotion-based thoughts, feelings, experiences and observations of the first year of life together.

Instead of the typical interior prompts of a baby book such as ‘crawled on _____ day’, this book creates space for parents or caregivers to write down things like ‘What our connection feels like to me’ and ‘When I dream of your future…’.

It covers a range of emotions, giving opportunities to share honestly and with love. I imagine the insights that could come to light being a parent looking back at those times or as the child of a mother/father/caregiver who captured these moments.

I purposely created this book to be to-the-point and not overly wordy to cause overwhelm of needing to write a novels worth of information. It can be done quickly, easily and still cultivate that same emotion behind the sentiment when later reflected upon.

As for the features of this book:

  • 28 full-color pages
  • Softcover
  • All original watercolour artwork
  • Four mindfulness quotes
  • 8.5 inches x 8.5 inches
  • 27 opportunities to fill in prompts
  • Available online only (currently)
  • Gender neutral

Finally, on a personal note…

On May 1 of 2018, the day that I released this book, it also marked the 26th year I have lived without having my Mom with us on earth. This book is dedicated to her.

I thought of her throughout, wondering what she would have thought and how it could have supported me in understanding myself, her and my own journey as a parent. However long I am here with my children, I knew I didn’t ever want them to wonder how I felt about them or have any other person experience that either.

So, I offer you this book. A safe, beautiful space to create and capture the love-story of how the journey began with your precious Little Star.

To purchase this book please click on the following link or search ‘Tamara Hackett’ on Amazon from your home country. Please note that international distribution is available and varied so you may need to check back if currently not accessible.

*Note – if you do buy, please also leave a rating and review so that I can see your purchase and thank you personally. It supports even more worldwide distribution as well. *

Ps. Emily M – Imagine this for toddlers, school-aged kids, teens, aging parents and grandparents… it is only the beginning. #series